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Experience Healing for Trauma, Injuries, and General Discomfort with Traditional Thai Therapeutic Bodywork in Barcelona, Valencia, and Madrid.

Thai massage offers safe and adaptable techniques suitable for all body types and age groups.
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Thai Yoga Massage
Nuad Boran - UNESCO Heritage

Discover the therapeutic benefits of Thai Yoga Massage, also known as Nuad Boran, a UNESCO Heritage practice. This treatment resembles a passive yoga session, administered fully clothed on a padded mat or firm mattress.

Thai massage offers numerous benefits:

  • Relieves physical and emotional tension
  • Enhances flexibility and range of motion
  • Corrects energy flow blockages and imbalances

A full Thai Massage session, lasting two hours, involves the therapist using hands, knees, legs, and feet to apply various techniques, including pulling fingers and toes, gentle stretching, and walking on the back. This practice involves constant body contact, promoting deep relaxation.

Experience a combination of techniques such as deep muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure. This restores the body's physical capabilities, utilizing yoga-like positions, stretches, and rhythmic pressure.

Traditional Thai Massage: Therapeutic Benefits

Experience the holistic benefits of Traditional Thai Massage, transcending traditional treatments to focus on energy pathways, promoting enhanced consciousness and the balanced flow of bodily fluids.

Ancient Origins, Modern Relevance

Dignified Healing, Parallel to Modern Medicine

Rooted in India, Thailand, and Tibet, this ancient healing art merges various traditional practices into a sophisticated system enduring through time.

Esteemed within its community, Traditional Thai Massage complements modern medical options. This therapeutic bodywork fosters profound physical and psychological tranquility, releasing entrenched energy patterns.

Tailored for All

Attire and Duration

Adaptable to diverse ages and body types, treatments are customized to address acute and chronic conditions, excluding cases of osteoporosis, acute heart/blood problems, skin ailments, or contagious diseases.

Performed clothed on a spacious futon, the session lasts 120 minutes or more, featuring rhythmic compressions and yogic stretches in a healing dance for the recipient.

The Blend of Massage and Passive Yoga

Alleviating Pain and Enhancing Emotional Balance

Termed 'lazy yoga,' Thai Yoga Massage integrates unique therapies, assisted yoga stretches, and massage techniques to relieve pain, soothe the nervous system, and enhance mind-body alignment.

Rhythmic compressions release muscle adhesions, boost circulation, and stimulate endorphin release. Addressing stored emotions contributes to emotional release, fostering a more balanced emotional life.

Improving Mobility and Mind-Body Connection

Assisted postures restore natural motion, rebuilding trust between motivational systems and willpower. Enhanced awareness of potential movement encourages postural alignment and spinal support.

Deep Relaxation and Emotional Release

The rhythmic style induces a relaxed state, combining breathwork to intensify the effect. Recipients often report moments of weightlessness, energy shifts, and revelations, leading to increased satisfaction, peace, and happiness.

Reserve your Massage Session

Thai Massage Pricing and Services

Discover our Thai massage services offered conveniently at your home. Prices vary by location, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.


Experience your first 20 minutes of treatment;
if unsatisfied, end the session and pay only 30 euros.

For First-Time and Regular Customers

Tailored Duration for Regular Clients

Initial sessions are a minimum of 120 minutes, allowing customization for subsequent shorter treatments targeting specific areas or a full two-hour sequence for complete body alignment.

Regular clients can opt for 90 or 60-minute sessions targeting specific areas or a traditional 120-minute session for total body synchronization.

Clarifying Doubts

Consultations are available in two formats:

Online Meeting

Attended Consultation

A 30-minute theoretical discussion, excluding practical demonstrations.

Includes a 30-minute session with 20 minutes of conversation and 10 minutes of massage.

Thai Massage Sessions:
Holistic Approach to Healing

Immerse yourself in a transformative experience during our Thai Massage sessions, designed to build trust and foster a holistic healing process.

Reception and Conversation: Commence with a welcoming discussion.

Massage Techniques: Engage in a choreography incorporating various traditional therapies, reflexology, assisted yoga stretches, rhythmic movements, and more.

Silent Reflection: Experience moments of inner calm and stillness.

Space for Gathering: Conclude the session in a peaceful and contemplative environment.

Promoting Health and Well-being

Attire and Nourishment

Breathing techniques enhance overall health. Prior consultation with a healthcare professional is recommended for individuals with pre-existing health conditions or injuries.

Nudity is unnecessary as no oils or creams are used. Wearing comfortable, non-constrictive clothing is advised. For optimal reception, a light meal or snack is suggested before the massage.

Planning and Preparation

What to Bring

Reserve a minimum of three and a half hours to fully enjoy the breathing dynamics of the Thai massage experience.

Communicate your rehabilitation goals to your therapist and provide any relevant medical documentation. Comfortable clothing without restrictive jewelry is recommended for ease during the massage.

Cancellation Policy

Reservations are non-refundable, and modifications require a 48-hour notice, facilitated directly via Telegram.

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Queries and Information

Feel free to reach out to me with any inquiries regarding Thai massage bookings and the reservation process. I'm here to assist you and provide information about treatments, as well as to address specific health concerns before scheduling your appointment.

Wishing You Happiness!

Iggy Love

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