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The Ancient way of one-self healing 

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Perfectly safe and fully adaptable for all body types and age groups

What is it?

Thai massage and bodywork

Also known as Thai Yoga Massage or Nuad Boran, the treatment, is a like a passive yoga session performed while the reciver is fully clothed with loose, comfortable and natural materials clothing, usually lying down on a padded mat or firm mattress on the floor.


Nuad Boran

A full Thai Massage session may last two hours and the therapist uses his hands, knees, legs, and feet to pulling fingers, toes, ears, cracking knuckles, walking on the receiver's back, with a constant body contact between the giver and the receiver, the body is compressed, pulled, stretched, rocked, and positioned in a full variety of yoga-like positions during the massage. The combination of deep muscle compression, joint mobilisation, and acupressure with deep static and rhythmic pressures restores the memory of your potential incredible physical capabilities. 

Thai Massage helps to:

• Relieve physical and emotional tension
• Enhance flexibility and range of motion
• Correcting blockages, deficiencies, and imbalances in the flow of the energy.

Ancient, Sacred, Sophisticated

This ancient healing art has with stood the test of time. Its roots are found in India, Thailand, and Tibet. It is a merging of many 'healing' practices into one system. It is a dignified and communally-cherished art that parallels in sophistication results obtained by other modern medical options. This bodywork produces profound pleasure and inspiring tranquility physically and psychologically by replacing old, restricted energy patterns within the body/spirit.

Perfect at any ages, and body-types

This style is adaptable for all age groups and body types. Treatments are routinely modified to include sensitivities addressing acute and chronic conditions including: herniated disks, subluxations, muscle strain, joint replacements, surgeries & pregnancy. Thai Massage is not recommended for some with osteoporosis, acute heart/blood issues (aneurysm or bleeding), skin or fungal dis-ease or other contagious conditions. An intake process will help us navigate these concerns.

Bodywork & passive yoga class

Affectionately called "lazy yoga” the  Thai Yoga Massage choreographs a variety of unique therapies, assisted yogic stretches and massage techniques into one treatment. Outcomes include the elimination of pain, a tranquilized nervous system, encouraged postural alignment and an enhance connection between the minds control of the body.

A massage received with your cloths on

Customarily a session is performed on a large comfortable futon received while wearing loose-fitting or stretchy clothing that allows for movement. It lasts 90 minutes - 2 Hours, during which flowing rhythmic compressions are blended with yogic stretch positions to produce a choreographed dance of healing potential for the receiver.

What does it do?

The movements of this bodywork go further than traditional treatments with a focus on energy lines, wheels and points which encourage deeper distribution of awareness and all the bodies fluids (lymph, blood, etc).

Eliminates the source of pain

Rhythmic compression along predetermined paths (nadis) removes muscular adhesions, clears out old stagnate fluid and increases the circulation throughout the body. Specific pressure applied on precise points (marmani) of the body will create a release of endorphins and neurotransmitters in the brain, tranquilizing the nervous system.

Enhances your range of motion.

Assisted postures (Asanas) work to harmonize the different segments of the body by restoring a natural range of motion. These assisted postures rebuild trust between our motivational systems and our will power. This restored awareness of potential movement encourages postural alignment, offering greater support to the spinal construction.

Smoothes out the emotions

The life of the body and the mind are intimately woven together. Throughout your treatments we will address a number of areas on the body that can store negative or unresolved emotions. It is not uncommon to experience moments of great bliss or sadness during a treatment. Passing through these temporary states helps to aid in the release of antiquated, non-serving thoughts and creates a more balanced emotional life.

Produces profound rest & relaxation

The rhythmic style of this treatment charms the mind into a profoundly relaxed state. Matching your breath during the movements will enhance this effect. We will discuss some basics of breath control to get started. It is also common for the receiver to experience moments of "weightlessness", feel shifts of energy in their own body, and some even report receiving revelations leading to greater fulfillment in their personal lives.

What does it cost?

Prices will vary by location


If you are NOT enjoying your treatment with the first 20 minutes, request it, be over and pay only 30€ euros.

First Time Client

Everyones first session is 90 Minutes long. Shorter treatments are available after initial intake and are conceptualized differently than longer treatments. 

* Consultation includes 20 minutes hands-on and 10 minute conversation. 

Returning Clients​

A traditional session lasts 90 Minutes. As a returning client you may choose a shorter 60 min session for targeted efforts or the desired 2 hour sequence for a total body tune up.



Our therapists are devoted to your health and come from backgrounds with years of experience in various health care fields not just massage and yoga. Each sessions will consist of choreography that include techniques from any of the following therapies:

Traditional Massage Therapy | Reflexology | Assisted Yoga Stretches | Rhythmic Movements | Disciplined Breath Control | Marma Therapy | Resistance Training | Craniosacral Therapy | Myofascial Release | Trigger point sedation | Deep Tissue Massage | Traction | Quality of Life Inventory System


The way breathing process acts on the receiver body will improve the health. The recommendation of consulting your doctor first in case of illness or injuries is always the best start point.

Eat lite

While you can receive a Thai massage after a meal it is best received on an empty stomach however you shouldn't be hungry. Eating a healthy small snack prior to treatment is okay.

What to bring with you

Tell your therapist any goals you may have if seeking rehabilitation. You may bring x-rays and diagnostics from other health care providers.

Bring some loose clothing that allows for movement and remove jewelry and socks. Remove anything with elastic. Ladies should avoid wire bras opting for a loose spaghetti strap top.

Nudity not necessary

Nudity is not necessary as no oil or cream is used (discuss with your therapist how this can be modified to include medicated oil which helps for different techniques).


The breathing play usually have a duration of two and a half up to more than three hours. It's highly recommended to reserving for it al least three and a half hours to enjoy the experience fully.

In order to be extremely effective, there are many locations for receiving a treatment. In case you preferrer a private sessions at your place or preferred location I will charge for the travel time and travel expenses to your place.

If you have to cancel the appointment, I ask you to let me know at least 24 hours in advance, to give other recievers the opportunity to receive treatment.

Get in touch

If you are interested in any of this one-self healing process through the enhance of your breathing self-awareness, I encourage you, to contact me.

I will do may best to answer any question related to treatments, also if it is needed more information, or have a specific health issue you want to talk in advance before booking.

Nice to meet you :-)

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